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Qalaam' Spiritual Poetry set to Music

by Ràj veer & Alba D Toro

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 “ This is the essence of instrumental beauty, and of endless charm, Spiritual poetry set to Music: Qalaam`.”

 A collection of songs based on the mystic poetry of the subcontinent; spanning seven hundred years from the 12th Century poem Man Kun to Maula written by Amir Kushrao to Saif ul Malook penned by Mian Mohammad Baksh in the late 19th Century.

 These poems have been sung and recited through the ages in musical and aural renditions. Many people in the East and West still follow their divine philosophy, which is universal and evergreen.

 This album has been inspired by the countless wonderful souls I have met throughout my life, who have shared their gift of music and philosophy and have given me the courage to carry out this work of love and devotion.

This album is dedicated to the beautiful musical lives of my teachers: Ustad Faiyaaz Khan (1934 – 2014) and Baba Ghulam Mohammad Chand (1927-2015), who will always be remembered for their contribution to music and whom I love and miss dearly.

 Ràj Veer – Bamboo Flute

Alba D Toro – Acoustic Guitar

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